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What's the difference between a scholarly journal and a magazine? 




Journal articles will always have bibliographies and end/footnotes. Articles may lack bibliographies or references.
Authors are always named, and their institutional affiliation is given. Authors may be anonymous.
Articles are often peer-reviewed or refereed. Articles are not peer-reviewed.
Journal title may include terms such as "journal of," "review," or "bulletin." Journal title lacks such terms.
Journal cover and pages tend to be plain in design, without advertisements. Non-text elements may be limited to charts, graphs, and tables showing numerical data. Magazines tend to include advertisements, graphics, color photos, etc.
Issues tend to be successively numbered. Each issue tends to begin with page 1.
Articles in journals tend to be longer. Articles in magazines tend to be shorter, some only 1-2 pages.
Journals tend to be published less often (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually). Issues tend to be published more frequently (monthly, weekly, daily).



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