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How do I find a book in the library?

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You can find a book by searching the Library Catalog. The search box for the library is located on the Library home page. Click on the Library Catalog tab to search for just books, or use the Articles & Books tab to search for articles, reviews, media, and books.

  • For a general subject or keyword search, just select the search (magnifying glass) icon.
  • You can quickly change your search criteria with the drop-down menu to search by Title, Author, or Subject.
  • There is also an ADVANCED SEARCH option that allows for limits by type, date, and other criteria.

When you find a title that will work for you, record the call number and title of the material so that you can find the item on the shelf.

TIP: Logging into the catalog will give more thorough results, more options, and more functionality.

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