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I'm prompted to log in to a database, I can't access a database, I can't log in to library computers

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Logins to resources are only available for currently active UMD students, faculty, or staff. However, the library does provide guest computers for visitors and retired/former UMD affiliates.

If you ARE current, check your directory suppression. If you’ve chosen “Suppress all”, or “Suppress my phone numbers, my address, my email” pick something else. After 1 day, you can re-do the full suppression of your data. (By then, UMD will have authenticated you.)

  • Are your cookies enabled for using databases? They need to be enabled.
  • Can't access a ProQuest databases? Try their cookie cutter.
  • In your browser, are popups enabled?
  • Is Javascript turned on?
  • See that you aren't on the UMD WIFI network as "guest"

These are some clues to help troubleshoot. For further help, see How to Connect from Off Campus, and/or contact the ITSS TechCenter at 218-726-8847.